Chapter 10
II Squadron RAF Honington 1994-2012
This period saw the Squadron deploy to Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.
In 2001 a Squadron parachute jump was conducted into Sierra Leone as part of Operation Silkman. This show of force had the effect of disrupting rebel operations and proved the worth of a rapidly deployable capability.
Following the invasion of Iraq, in which the Squadron operated in a specialist role across the region, the Squadron returned a further three times to Basra as the Resident Field Squadron. The role of all the RAF Regiment Squadrons has ensured the safety of all troop transport aircraft entering and leaving the airfield.
Following the expansion of operations in Afghanistan the Squadron has deployed to both Kandahar and Helmand Province and is currently on their fourth tour. These deployments have resulted in casualties including two members of the Squadron being killed in action. 
(Photos - RAF Media Operations/ Crown Copyright/Slap Rowlands/Greg Burchill/Reg Verney) 
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