Chapter 1
No 1 Parachute Company RAF Levies 1942-1946
Formed in Iraq in 1942 for behind the lines sabotage operations.
Attached to 11th Parachute Battalion in the Middle East and prepared to jump in the capture of Cos airfield.
Fought alongside 2 Commando Brigade in the capture of Sarande, Albania and alongside the RAF Regiment and British Army during the street fighting in Greece.
Chapter 2 
Cely Force 1944-1945
In 1944 a small detachment was requested by No 1 Special Force of the Special Operations Executive for a proposed operation to jump and destroy the Brenner Pass, a vital logistic route into Italy.
  • This unit became the Special Parachute Detachment of 1328 Wing RAF Regiment and was attached to the Special Boat Service for reconnaissance and raiding operations, in the islands off of the coast of Yugoslavia.
Chapter 3
2810 (Field) Squadron
Re-roled in the Far East in 1945 as a Parachute Squadron to support the RAF Airborne Commando.
Personnel were attached to Visual Control Posts (now known as Tactical Air Control Parties) and the SOE for the invasion of Malaya.
Cpl Groome, the Squadron Medic, parachuted with a team to assist POWs and was awarded the Military Medal.
(Photos - Gaby Kiwarkis/RAF Regiment Museum/Alan Barkes)
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